Saturday, May 9, 2009

glittens, glomitts, muvs...

ok, maybe I made up muvs, but either way, I'm making some.

I'd been lacking much knitting motivation the past few weeks. The weather here in the rainy Northwest as been teasing us with occasional glimpses of the sun. The promise of spring and summer to follow makes it hard to concentrate on indoor, sit-down pursuits. Spring often brings a lull in the knitting until I remember how capable I am at multitasking.

My break from knitting would have continued if not for my sister's wedding on the East coast and the requisite 5 hour plane trip. I searched last minute for a pattern I could take on the plane that I already had yarn to make. I was having trouble finding inspiration and then I saw my mittens.

I made these mittens a couple of years ago out of super bulky yarn I got when I first started knitting. They are warm and great for walking in the snow, but awfully impractical when it comes time to do anything other than just walk. To begin with they are mitten, so I'm working with a crab claw, but then the bulkiness makes things even more difficult, but like I said, they keep my fingers toasty warm. I do love them; it's just time for options.

Enter the Glitten.
Not a mythical beast as one might guess, but a genius combination of fingerless gloves and mittens. The flip back mitten top (not to be confused with muffin top), makes these perfect for walks in the snow as well as fishing keys out of my pocket. They are also made in worsted so not as bulky.

I'm using Subway Knitter's Urban Necessity glove pattern. Of course I am using the magic loop method. After such success on the socks (which, as you can see below, I've finished!) how could I not. I will be sure to post pictures of the glittens when I have finished them. I'm alternating between them and am just beginning the thumb gussets, so it will be a while. Besides, with my knitting, blogging and life ADD, who knows how long it will take for pictures to actually be taken and make their way up here.

and my new wisteria which is blooming. I do love spring.

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