Thursday, April 24, 2008

Knitting, walking, and singing

My sole accomplishment today was walking to target to return creamer. It was a good price, but tasted TERRIBLE! An after taste of burnt hamburger is never a good thing, but is especially bad in french vanilla flavored coffee creamer. ewwww

James and I had a nice walk to and from target though. I knit on the striped scarf(ravelry link) and made up songs the whole way there. A few people seemed weirded out by some dude knitting and singing while walking, but one guy just stood and stared as we walked past. He was putting up the carts at Target and just stood there completely motionless except for his head following us as we walked past. It's not like we were in his way or him in ours. Very odd.

In other (still odd) news, I accidentally friended someone on facebook today that I thought was my sister's fiance (incidentally he is the person for whom I'm knitting the scarf). I sent him the message "Hey there future brother-in-law!" It was definitely someone I went to college with and not my sister's fiance (who does not have a facebook). Oops. I wonder what he is going to think when he gets that message out of the blue.

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