Monday, January 28, 2008

Old knitting patterns and a sick kitty

An older fried of mine gave me a bag full of old knitting patterns today. They range from the 1940s to 1980s. One is a pattern typed on old railroad letter head from 1949. I photocopied some of the more recent ones, but am going to try to scan the older ones in an effort to preserve them. They are mostly baby and kids patterns, but every straight person around me seems to be getting preggers so I'm they'll come in handy. Who knew I would get so excited about vintage patterns!

In non-knitting and scarier news, my cat, India, has been really sick. She has hepatic lipidosis or fatty liver. She has lost 20% of her weight, is kinda yellow and needs seven medications twice a day. She is barely eating. The vet says she has every chance of recovery, but left untreated fatty liver is almost always fatal. It's terrifying and she HATES taking her medicine. I have to wrap her up in a towel and force feed her the pills crushed in kitten milk-replacer as it is impossible to get her to swallow pills. I feel like I am torturing her and I hate it. She ate more today than she has been eating though so I guess that's a good sign

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