Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Border's stitch n' bitch

I went to a local stitch and bitch tonight (Borders 7-9 for the locals). It was amazing. I dragged poor James along with me because I really didn't know what to expect. I ended up ignoring him the whole time and chatting about knitting for two hours with awesome people. I also nearly finished my second mitten. I am one thumb short of having mittens. This is a very good thing as it has been in the 30s for the past few days and I need mittens!

I've been trying to use up much of the really bulky stuff I got at Webs on The Trip. I had just started knitting at the time and kinda went hog wild with absolutely no idea what I could possibly do with any of it and thus have very little that I can now do with it. It is all amazing yarn though. I especially liked Brown sheep Burly spun. Delicious is really the very best word to describe it, made me want to eat it up as I was knitting. mmmm With it I made a sideways garter stitch scarf for Jeana (my coworker and partner in property management crime). It is so squishy and amazing.

So yeah. I am a crazy knitting cat lady-man, person, being.

In other news,
There are very few things that make me squick. I take a sick pleasure in being totally ok with things that completely gross most people out. There was heretofore one thing that would consistently and horrifically get to me and that was maggots. I used to work in a vet so maggots were a fairly common site (in animal wounds). I could deal, but they freak me the fuck out. Just typing about them is making me itch and squirm.
I am watching Oprah (don't judge) and have suddenly discovered the one other thing on earth that elicits such a reaction from me...

poop worms.

Intestinal parasites, but specifically of the wormy variety.

ok I have to stop even thinking about this.

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