Monday, September 1, 2008


I'm making Brooklyn Tweed's Habitat Hat which is a study in cabling insanity. I love it. It is an amazing and intricate pattern. Now I've done cables before (they are super easy) but never from a chart. The chart for this is CRAZINESS, mostly because the finished product is craziness, but I figured it couldn't be any crazier than a lace chart which I have done before.

yeah… so it helps a lot if you follow the chart the correct direction. For some reason I read “read the chart from R to L” and thought “huh, so the opposite of a lace chart” despite the fact that R to L is definitely exactly the same direction as a lace chart. 7 rows of backwards cabling later, I was reading messages from Satan in yarn and had nothing even remotely resembling cables. It was like seed stitch's crack baby.

So yesterday, after hours of meticulously following the chart BACKWARDS. I realized how wrong it was and ripped back to the increase row. I started the cables all over again. It actually looks like cables this time… and isn’t telling me to sell my soul to the devil and shoot up my knitting group. So that's good.

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