Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cosing in on the end of the Ravelympics

The other night I had an anxiety dream. You know the ones: you show up at school totally unprepared for a test, or you are sitting at your desk at work and realize you have no pants on, One of those.

I dreamed I was wearing pleat front pants.

That's right my appalling and mortifying dream was about PLEAT FRONT PANTS. I am so gay.

The ravelympics (go team girly-knitters! for I am going to fail you)end tomorrow (edit: ok I am lame they totally don't). Oh boy, I didn't even come CLOSE to finishing the projects I wanted to finish. I entered only WIIP Wrestling with the idea that I would all of my currently unfinished projects. This is so not going to happen.
Branching Out will be finished. I only need a few more repeats on that one. I am resisting the urge to bind off now. I made my last lace project too short resulting in my mom using it as a headband in stead of a scarf. It's getting used and loved so I'm ok with it, but it just sort of highlighted how I need to make this one significantly longer. It won't be blocked by the end of the day tomorrow (I need blocking wires), but the knitting will be done.

Hemlock Ring is no where even close to being done. Not only did I grossly underestimate the amount of kniltting still left to do on the beast, but I ran out of yarn. I have to order more yarn (first praying that there is some of the same colorway available) and then knit on that for another month or so. As big as it is, it isn't a project I can take places with me.

There is some slight hope for the baby sweater. It was all knit and partially seemed, but the sleeves ended up not being the right size so I have to reknit them. Lame. I guess I should get to work.

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