Friday, October 16, 2009

My grandmother used to make amazing pickled watermelon.

A few days ago I was kind of bored with the things I had on needles and found a cute little watermelon hat to make. I started out stash-busting, but then realized my red yarn was tweedy. No one likes a tweed infested watermelon. While I was buying red yarn I realized that if I really wanted to make a watermelon hat I really should have the proper color for the rind as well. If I was going to get the perfect color for the rind then the plain old off while was just not going to cut it for the pale part between the rind and the red. I was undecided on just what color that should be so I had to buy both and thus 4 more skeins of yarn were completely necessary for my little stash-busting endeavor.... Have you ever had stone soup? I hear it is delicious and all you need is a stone!

I'd also like to introduce ZZ Pickle. He likes to hang out with the other veggies.

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  1. Um. 1. i love the hat, why didnt i get one of those for xmas. and 2. I WANT A PET PICKLE! hahahaha