Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sock summit

So much amazing yarn, knitters, and nerdiness! I'm not with it enough to have scored entrance to any of the classes, but the marketplace is huge and awesome. I brought a non knitting friend with me and his description included the words "terrifying" "geeky" and "yarny". I thnk it may have scared him for life. He is holding two knitting needles now. I'm not sure if I should be geting my hopes up for him to bcome a knitter or defend myself against the impending attack.

Sock summit has refueled my desire for the perfect circs. I love bamboo/wood needles specificaly addi naturas. Sadly, addi does not make interchangable naturas. My denise set is awesome but not good for magic loop which (see previous post) beats DPNs hands down. I need a good set of interchangable wood needles with thin flexible cables. The knitpicks harmony needle set intrigues me. I need to find a way to try them as I'm loathe to purchase anything without trying it.

Fortunately, non knitting friend has stopped threatening imminent knitting needle attack. I will update more on sock summit and the ravelry meet-up party when I am on a computer and not my phone.

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