Thursday, October 16, 2008

Noro, hulahoops, "and whatnot"

...and whatnot" is one of the most incredibly irritating phrases IN THE WORLD. It seems to be everywhere these days and it drives me up the wall every time I hear or read it. I don't know why. There is really nothing about it that should irritate me, it just does.

I've decided that I need a giant hula hoop. 1. I would have amazing abs (they are sorely lacking now). and 2. I could get really good at it then light it on fire. Perhaps I should get out my staff every now and then before accumulating more things to light on fire.

I can't stop knitting Noro scarves and washcloths. I swore I would never knit a wash cloth. That was 7 of them ago. I guess everyone is getting washcloths for Christmas. I already know several are getting Noro scarves, but those take significantly longer and cost ahelluva lot more in yarn purchasing. It's actually kind of exciting that I have a bunch of Christmas presents already knitted and ready to give. Considering that I'm not going to have the money to purchase worthy presents, it's really nice to still be able to give my family things that are nice.

I have a Noro scarf and a Foliage hat for Eric (my sister's fiance). I made the hat out of Brown Donegal chunky Tweed so it's still somewhat masculine despite being lace. My sister is also getting a foliage hat, but it is in sky blue malabrigo- like knitting a cloud! I want to make her a scarf to match as well. The first things I ever knit were a super chunky scarf and hat set for my sister. They are well loved, but, damn, I knit so much better than that now!

My dad's BF is going to get a Noro scarf as well. My mom is getting Branching out (finally). All I can say is thank God for knitting. Not only do I have presents for people, but I have something to do between sending out resumes and going to worksource workshops.

Now if I could just find James' camera cable, I could post pics

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