Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm making a sweater!

an infant sized sweater but it is still a sweater and I am not crying over nor cursing it. Go me.

It is a really easy pattern: Baby Yeti. It's a cute little v-neck hoodie. I'd recommend it for even the earliest of beginners. The instructions are very clear and it's a really fast knit. I'm more than half way through even though I started only a week ago and haven't had a lot of time to knit recently.

I'm using very different yarn than the pattern calls for, a lighter (bulky v. super bulky) wool-cotton blend, in order for mine to be more versatile than the super warm sweater it would be otherwise. Mine is certainly not going to be yeti-like, but the yarn is super soft and cute pale yellow.

Blurry cell phone picture of the back which I realize looks like a dish cloth, not a sweater.

also: I totally gave up on the socks. I never want to see them again.

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